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mooring fares
mooring fares (VAT included)
GoImperia, in compliance with the acts of Imperia the City address, in order to:
(I) promote employment and attendance at the marina as far as possible with respect to its potential capacity;
(Ii) create the possibility of creation of anticipated cash flows and the achievement of additional revenues, consistently maintained the availability of moorings of similar size to use for further inquiry;
(Iii) promote and provide incentives for staying in the boat harbor for subsequent years
can apply discounts to published rates
The rates determined by the electronic calculator are purely indicative and do not represent an official estimate which must, in any case, be determined according to the mooring rates and port services in force; to obtain a quote, ask at the e-mail address

reimburse of electricity and water consumptions - pier
reimburse of electricity and water consumptions - floating wharf
watereuro 5.00 mc (plus VAT)Included in the mooring fees
electricityeuro 0.24 kw/h (plus VAT)
The payment is requested in advance for the whole period. In case of extended payment price rise of 3%.
  • una serata romantica al porto di Imperia
  • si alza il sipario su una nuova splendida giornata ad Imperia
  • la meraviglia delle Vele d'Epoca, dal 1986 appuntamento quadriennale nel Porto di Imperia. 30 anni di celebrazione della storia della nautica
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